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MCTransylvania, a French-Romanian DMC, is a small size company, serious, healthy, having a good reputation among suppliers and considered by its clients as very reactive and creative. MC Transylvania has the advantage of being located in the heart of Romania, in the legendary Transylvania,also called Siebenburgen in the midst of still unexplored sites and exclusive venues. In recent years they have always been a leader in creating very original new tours and programs in Romania , as well as in Moldova.

Transylvania, Siebenburgen,  is a region that has everything: this is by far the most romantic and inspiring of the provinces of Romania. The word alone conjures up images of Dracula, fortified citadels and haunted castles, mountains of savage beauty populated by bears and wolves, werewolves and vampires, a land of „magical obscurity“! Its historic, medieval towns blend the Art and Culture of three civilizations and are real bastions of ethnical diversity.

MOLDOVA : A garden between 3 empires. A little know small country, that today looks minuscule between 2 powers the European Union and Russia. Already in the past it was a garden between the European empires, the Great Russia but also the Ottomans… A little garden of Eden ,because of its… wines and its extraordinary and huge cellars that are a real and rare attraction. It has also, for western-europeans, a feeling of the „russian world“ next to Romania and European Union, with a bilingual (russian and romanian) population, and a green capital city. Its inhabitants call their country: the land of bad roads, pretty girls and good wines.

SC MCTransilvania SRL
540552, str. Muntenia nr.12

Mobile :   +40 751 254 118
Phone :    +40 265 260 882
E-mail :

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